APC welcomes German media to hub

The APC welcomed a party of German automotive industry journalists to the Hub this week, as part of a wider visit to see the UK motor industry at work. We were able to explain our role in the UK automotive industry and showcase opportunities to invest and collaborate with international companies. The visit to the University of Warwick featured presentations from Garry Wilson, APC, Lawrence Davies, AIO, and Professor Dave Greenwood, WMG.

Garry Wilson emphasised the work of the APC, explaining the resources available to consortia involving companies based in the UK. Garry also explained the APC’s Hub and Spoke system including the new Electrical Energy Storage Spoke where the meeting was hosted. Dave Greenwood, Professor of Advanced Propulsion Systems at WMG, explained the opportunities available through WMG and the new Spoke and showed the media around the unique battery scale-up and advanced manufacturing facilities here in Coventry. The AIO’s Lawrence Davis outlined the investment opportunities for overseas companies and shared the latest results with more than 10,000 jobs created or secured through his organisation’s activities.