APC respond to the Transport & Environment report warning that the UK could be left behind in EV race

In response to the Transport & Environment (T&E) report warning that the UK could be left behind in the race to electrification, Ian Constance, CEO of the Advanced Propulsion Centre, the organisation tasked by the government and automotive sector with ensuring the UK remains at the forefront of research, development and production of low carbon propulsion technologies, said:

Our forecasts show at least 90GWh of UK manufacturing demand by 2030, potentially more, and the APC and UK Government are working closely with OEMs and the supply chain to enable this. A lot has happened and is still happening, to ensure the UK remains a key player within the global automotive sector. The 53 feasibility studies funded by the Automotive Transformation Fund demonstrates there is appetite to explore increased industrialisation across the EV supply chain in the UK. There has always been competition across brands and nations to be leaders in technology and secure a good share of new supply chains. It’s that competition that makes the automotive industry a truly global concern that relentlessly drives innovation and efficiency. With the right balance of public and private sector investment and innovation funding through organisations like APC, the UK is absolutely still in the mix.