Symposium on International Automotive Technology (SIAT)

This event has now passed
Event date: 29/09/2021 00:00:00

Redefining Mobility for the Future

SIAT is a biennial international conference and exhibition, the theme for 2021 being Redefining Mobility for the Future, focusing on recent advances in various automotive areas including new mobility solutions as well as innovative ideas to meet future challenges.

Over 200 technical papers will be presented, we encourage UK delegates to take up this opportunity – the call for papers ends on 31 October 2020

The exhibition is a great platform to demonstrate products, technologies, innovations and services.

Contact [email protected] to register your interest in exhibiting or presenting.

Why attend?

  • SIAT 2021 will focus on recent advances in various automotive areas, such as Alternate Fuels, Safety, Emissions, Engines, Noise, Electric Mobility, Electronics, Intelligent Transportation, Vehicle Dynamics, Materials, Advanced Powertrain Technologies and Simulation & Modelling.
  • The symposium will focus on new mobility solutions like electric vehicles, clean fuels and hydrogen fuel cells.
  • It will also bring to fore innovative ideas and solutions in automotive technologies to meet future challenges.
  • Eminent experts world over will present over 200 technical papers, including 40 keynotes, on various subjects in SIAT 2021.
  • SIAT EXPO 2021 would offer an appropriate platform for spectrum of worldwide companies to showcase their products / technologies / innovations / services through various stalls.

If you are interested to exhibit on the UK Pavilion at the Battery Show USA, please contact us.

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