Road to COP26: Energy

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Event date: 19/10/2021 10:30:00

How are we powering the way to net zero emissions? Alternative fuels, hydrogen and electricity.

Progress towards net-zero means that propulsion systems must be decarbonised rapidly. But there is no silver bullet of a single energy vector.

For example, what role does hydrogen play in decarbonising industry?

Technology and innovation should be focused on the end goal of reaching net-zero emissions and cleaner air. This means that avenues should not be shut down where they still play a role. For example, internal combustion engines will remain a fixture for many years, but how best can they meet stricter emissions regulations?

In the race to electrification, how can the energy grid best manage charging infrastructure and the manufacture of batteries with clean power?

In this session we explore what the story is for each of these sectors, from production or generation, to transportation and end delivery.

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Confirmed speakers:

  • Susan McDonald, Energy Transition Lead, Deloitte
  • Sean Lennon, Vice President for New Holland Commercial Operations, CNH Industrial
  • Jonathan Murray, Policy and Operations Director, Zemo Partnership
  • Penny Atkins, Principal Research Fellow, University of Brighton
  • Joe Hobbs, Chief Engineer, Ryze Hydrogen
  • Mike Schooling, CTO, Indra Renewable Technologies (demand side technology)
  • Sarah Clements, Principal Consultant, Element Energy

The sixth virtual event on the Road to COP26, how are we powering the way to net-zero emissions?