Impact Documents

Our impact documents include government consultations, impact reports and presentation documents.

LCV 2020: Automotive Electrification – Julian Hetherington


LCV 2020: APC Story So Far – How we’re driving the UK’s transition to net-zero


Impact Report 2020

Explore our projects’ achievements to date and the impact the first six years of our journey has had on the UK automotive industry in the Impact Report 2020.

LCA week presentation slides: Building an environmentally conscious industry


LCA week: Building an environmentally conscious industry

LCA week presentation slides: Closing the end of life loop

Catch up on the slides from day 4 of #LCAWeek which discussed what interventions are required to encourage battery and component recycling. Read through the slides from Prof Allan Walton…

LCA week: Closing the end-of-life loop


LCA week: Energising a sustainable future


LCA week: Securing a sustainable supply chain


LCA week presentation slides: Energising a sustainable future

Recap on the slides from day 3 of #LCAWeek where we discussed energy sources and systems and the challenges and opportunities associated with them. Read through the slides from Carly…

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