Advanced Route to Market Demonstrator

The Global Vehicle Trust – eOX

Less emissions and more accessibility for the developing world

In regions of the world where a personal vehicle may be widely unaffordable, this project seeks to create accessibility through a transport-as-a-service ecosystem enabled by a digital platform. The development of the eOX has the potential to dramatically reduce the cost of transport, reduce emissions and unlock huge demand in these regions.

Electric powertrain demonstration for eOX

Project Highlights 

  • All-Terrain truck for the developing world 
  • Developed to provide affordable goods transport enabled by a digital transport-as-a-service platform, to reduce the price and unlock huge demand 
  • Suited to the demands of harsh environments (temperature, rough roads) 
  • Electric version which is more commercially appealing than current diesel version 
  •  Providing utility for second life batteries from electric vehicles 
  • Total project value £793,309, with £458,571 funded through the APC  

Project Consortium 

  • GVT (Global Vehicle Trust (GVT)
  • Potenza

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