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Anchoring hi-tech, low-carbon automotive technology solutions in the UK, through development and manufacturing capability.

This collaborative project will establish three new UK manufacturing/technical centres capable of pilot volume manufacture, creating jobs, significant CO₂ reduction and anchoring technologies for near-term hybridised ICE/BEV vehicles in the UK. It enables SME partner EMPEL to develop and manufacture inverters, UK Tier 2 Shield to become an Automotive Tier1 e-motor manufacturer, and PUNCH-Flybrid’s technology, born in F1, to be anchored in the UK through PFS Manufacturing to produce automotive energy storage flywheels in the UK.

The project also benefits from the learnings from the APC-funded ARMD competition, an ATF Feasibility Study and TDAP, building on a strong partnership to create  the integrated solutions for e-modules, energy storage systems and transmission mounted powertrains, across a range of vehicle applications.  This technology supports the transition to electrification with the benefit of additional mechanical energy storage improving range capability in challenging duty cycles.

Highly integrated, scalable motor and inverter module with “F-Boost” flywheel energy storage and e-axle applications

Project Highlights

  • Development of innovative electric motors, inverters and hi-tech flywheel energy storage systems
  • Modular, multi-voltage, scalable e-motor with integrated inverter technology, at >15kW/kg combined power density, almost doubling Automotive Council targets.
  • F-Boost modular flywheel energy storage technology integrated with e-modules achieving double the state-of-the-art power density of batteries at a lower cost
  • F-Boost Technology will be demonstrated in two of the many vehicle types it would benefit; a sports car, pushing the power-weight ratio envelope for flywheel and e-motor technology, and a light commercial vehicle proving up to 25% CO₂ emissions improvements from fuel saving and brake energy recovery.
  • Make available economically tailored e-modules comprising power-dense e-motor with deeply integrated silicon carbide inverter.
  • Key components such as motor internals, forgings and die-casting will be developed within the UK supply chain to anchor the technology in the UK providing growth for UK manufacturing.
  • Total project value £11.2 million, with £5.6 million funded through the APC.

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