Production Readiness Competition

Potenza Technology – LEAP2

Less wires mean less weight

The LEAP2 system uses Ethernet signalling over the 12V supply power line to provide communications between a master controller and distributed nodes around the vehicle. Combined with this architecture, and replacement of fuses and relays with solid state electronics, the potential exists to reduce vehicle wiring by 80%. Ariel are evaluating this technology for future vehicle programmes.

Consolidating electrical architecture for weight reduction

Project Highlights

  • Production ready, innovative vehicle body electrical system using powerline communications technology
  • Communication between systems uses the same wiring harness that power them
  • More than 80% reduction in weight over the conventional wiring system by replacing all fuses/relays with solid state devices and reducing the cable bundles needed to power the vehicle
  • Targeting a 2.5% CO2 saving on a conventional vehicle
  • £500,000 total project value with £250,000 funding through the APC

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