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Norton Motorcycles – Project Zero Emission Norton

Next Generation Electric Motorcycles 

Products in the industry usually offer either range or performance, as the weight and size of the battery compromise vehicle design. This project looks to eliminate that compromise. To achieve this, Norton will work with specialist project partners who have the same vision for innovation in the production of world-class electric motorcycles. 

Success of the project will attract significant inward investment, address the UK skills shortage by collaborating with higher educational institutions and create jobs for the region, further cementing the UK, as the global technology leader for motorcycles.  

Iconic British brand reimagined with the electrification of two wheels 

Project highlights 

  • Project Zero Emission Norton will develop an electric race bike with uncompromised race performance and touring range 
  • Integration of battery, motor and chassis 
  • Extensive composite materials for a lightweight solution 
  • Ambition to expand Norton’s ever-growing capabilities and develop world-class, electric motorcycles 
  • Project will build on world-class technology currently available and develop further a UK supply chain for all critical components  
  • Total project value £17.2 million, with £8.5 million funded through the APC  

Project consortium 

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