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Meritor – EPIC

Integrated vehicle solutions for the future

The development and implementation of this integrated Electric Powertrain Technology (IEPT) to support the commercial vehicle sector to meet future regulations targeting CO₂ reduction from 2025. The R&D will deliver a new cost-effective integrated solution, overcoming obstacles faced by current technological solutions that rely on two motors to achieve required torque and power.   The integrated solution provides greater overall efficiency, high modularity for wide applications, and weight savings which can increase payload and/or range with a smaller packaging envelope. Wider impacts involve potential significant CO₂  savings as well as the creation and safeguarding of jobs within the UK.

Electric powertrain integration for heavy commercial vehicles

Project Highlights 

  • Development of a new integrated e-Powertrain system for full electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, as well as series hybrid and plug-in hybrid configurations. 
  • Delivering up to 430kW of continuous power with an 800-volt rated electric motor for heavy trucks and buses.  
  • It will consist of a single motor with an integrated SiC (Silicon Carbide) inverter, integral multispeed gearbox and differential, and brakes designed for packaging within heavy duty battery electric vehicles. 
  • Technology created for heavy commercial vehicles up to 44 tonne GVW with a 6X2 or 4X2 configurations, but is also applicable for off-highway, construction and vocational vehicles. 
  • Developed with efficient packaging designed for short wheelbase trucks. 
  • Eliminates the driveline providing additional space for battery storage. 
  • Design can be integrated into existing chassis with minimal to no modifications to the suspension or frame. 
  • Total project value £31.8 million, with £15.8 million funded through the APC.  

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