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McLaren Applied – ESCAPE

Bringing Power Electronics capability home

The APC’s funding of this project ensures that a key component of moving to zero carbon electric vehicles – Silicon Carbide – has a supply chain in the UK and the technology and manufacture to ensure that change is made.

Electric machines

End-to-end Supply Chain Development for Automotive Power Electronics

Project Highlights

  • Building a secure UK end-to-end supply chain capable of competing globally
  • ESCAPE will produce game changing technology supporting the drive for electrification UK and worldwide
  • Aligning the UK SiC supply chain to be capable of the end-to-end supply of materials and parts to support UK power electronics manufacturing
  • Successful exploitation of ESCAPE will Result in further UK investment in SiC R&D and capital expenditure
  • Total project value £19.5million, with £9.7 million funded through the APC

Project Consortium

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