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Jaguar Land Rover – PERSEUS

Transitioning ICE manufacturing to EDU

Jaguar Land Rover led an exciting research project to investigate, and develop strategies and capability to convert internal combustion engine manufacturing facilities to also make electric drive units for hybrid and electric vehicles. The company’s engineers worked with industrial partners, Mapal, JW Froehlich, Fives Landis and Horizon and with the Manufacturing Technology Centre, the high-speed Sustainable Manufacturing Institute and Birmingham City University to ensure that its state-of-the-art manufacturing machinery, systems and processes are flexible enough to manufacture both internal combustion engine and electric drive units efficiently through the same facility. 

Re-purpose of Internal Combustion Engine Infrastructure for Electric Drive Units

Project highlights

  • Manufacturing flexibility for the conversion to electrification. 
  • Deals with the uncertainty of how quickly electrified products will be adopted by consumers. 
  • Builds on existing facilities, skills and know-how in the UK.  
  • Total project value £7.2 million, with £3.6 million funded through the APC  


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