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Jaguar Land Rover – ASTIR

A battery system delivering improved cost, range, efficiency and charging attributes

The ASTIR project will enable a set of world-class industry and academic partners to develop a new battery concept that enhances the attributes of electrified vehicles produced by Jaguar Land Rover. Each consortium partner will contribute invaluable expertise in heat treatment techniques, materials, battery engineering and vehicle integration, and proof-of-concept modelling through to the development and testing of the integrated battery solution.

Advanced storage technology into reality

Project Highlights 

  • Development of a new battery concept for application in Jaguar Land Rover electrified vehicles.  
  • Project will tackle battery system cost, energy density, charging, safety and manufacturing.  
  • Focus will be centred on the system engineering and non-cell battery components.  
  • This includes the module, pack, thermal management and the integrated Battery Energy Manager (BEM); which are critical to the vehicle capability and competitiveness.  
  • Project will deliver significant technical advancements, which require materials, process and modelling technique developments. 
  • The total project value £18.9 million, with £9.4 million funded through the APC.  

Project Consortium 

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