Technology Developer Accelerator Programme (TDAP)


Commercialising porous nanomaterials

Immaterial is a spinout from the Chemical Engineering department at the University of Cambridge that is working to commercialise a class of porous nanomaterials to absorb gas for different vehicle classes.

Soaking up pressure – Project description

  • Researching a breakthrough technology that can quadruple the performance of any metal-organic framework (MOF)
  • MOFs can be used to filter moisture, CO2 and a wide range of impurities from breathable air with far greater efficiency than current technology
  • By recirculating cabin air rather than replacing it, parasitic vehicle load can be reduced by as much as 60%
  • Used for storage, MOFs dramatically lower the pressures needed to store natural gas and hydrogen in vehicle tanks
  • Enables natural gas as a cheaper, greener alternative to diesel, while improving the range and safety of natural gas vehicles
  • Material can store the same quantity of natural gas at 65 bar as can normally be stored at 250 bar

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