Technology Developer Accelerator Programme (TDAP)

FluxSys – Concept EV

Optimal balance of power supply routes

This unique software from FluxSys is borne from the need for EV powertrain requirement engineers, system architects, component owners and management functions to work together in a framework that allows for open discussion, high or low-level system analysis and complex detailed engineering analysis within the same tool as required.

New innovative software to support rapid and collaborative electrified powertrain, systems engineering and innovation at the concept stage – Project highlights

  • Received access to a total of £104,500 grant funding through a series of four successful Technology Developer Accelerator Programme phases.
  • ConceptEV is innovative engineering software that provide a holistic framework for specifying, evaluating, collaborating and improving electrified powertrains at the concept stage.
  • The software is designed to help engineers and management teams across several design and responsibility functions to collaborate and optimise designs.
  •  Aims to achieve the best balance, and technical justification, of vehicle attribute targets, drive cycle efficiency, analytical power, torque and speed derivations throughout even the most complex of EV powertrain architectures.
  •  Supports the creation of new capabilities, competencies and related jobs within industry.

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