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Danfoss Scotland – DDISPLACE

Energy storage

Digital Displacement Technology for Off-Highway Applications

Project Highlights 

  • Introducing a market-disrupting technology called ‘Digital Displacement’ – a re-invention of how hydraulic fluid power is created and controlled. 
  • Developing a family of modular products for off-highway OEM equipment manufacturers, combining rugged mechanics with electronics and embedded software.  
  • Enabling the most efficient way to control high-force multi-axis movements of heavy machinery whether power by diesel, electricity or other alternative energy sources.
  • Reducing system level energy losses as a result of new architectures made possible by Digital Displacement technology and enabling energy to be recovered and re-used.  
  • The technology will be capable of reducing fuel consumption by between 15% and 30% depending on the application, with the potential for more than 50% when fully developed. 
  • The innovative products will principally be applied to off-highway vehicles with the focus on excavators in sizes larger than 20T
  • The technology developed has the potential for application to many heavy duty applications that are energy critical.
  • Investment into UK supply chain capability to produce high quality machined castings
  • Development of the manufacturing processes aligned to production cost targets
  • Total project value £21.7 million, with £10.8 million funded through the APC.

 Project Consortium 

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