Project Highlights

  • Development of an ultra-fast charging battery and pack, for electric and fuel cell hybrid vehicles. 
  • Technology will allow a full battery electric vehicle to be charged in as little as 12 minutes. 
  • Will enable a fast-response battery pack to facilitate an optimised fuel cell system, saving size for fuel cell vehicles. 
  • Advancements will provide a significant improvement to overall vehicle efficiency. 
  • Project is led by Sprint Power, based in Birmingham. 
  • Total project value £9.7 million, with £4.8 million funded through APC18. 


Ultra-fast charging integrated battery system 

This project aims to accelerate the market acceptance of electric vehicles, by addressing consumer concerns over charge time.  

It will also develop the UK supply chain to allow UK battery electric vehicles and mild-hybrid electric vehicle manufacturers to achieve post-Brexit requirements of more than 50% parts sourced from UK suppliers within three years. 

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