Project Highlights 

  • Demonstrating the development of production technologies for traction motor production.  
  • Enable production scale-up of motors produced by Magnetic Systems Technology (Magtec), a leading UK supplier servicing the commercial vehicles market. 
  • Adressing both OEM and retrofit applications by providing the electric alternatives to diesel power solutions, at required volumes, with demonstrable operational reliability. 
  • Skills development within all partners and the wider supply-chain will be core as partners move towards electrified propulsion systems at a vehicle level, and automated/semi-automated processes within the value stream. 
  • The total project value is £5.5 million, with £2.6 million funded through the APC. 

Project Consortium 

  • Magnetic Systems Technology Limited 
  • Angel Trains Limited 
  • Dennis Eagle Limited 
  • MTC Operations Ltd 
  • University of Sheffield 

Collaboratively tackling challenges

The project consortium includes two leading transport sector OEM’s – Dennis Eagle and Angel Trains. These partners will support the definition of requirements and verification of the solutions developed within this project. They will ensure the manufacturing processes and approach are repeatable and robust, delivering reliable products to their respective markets.

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