GKN – Gyrodrive

From Motorsport to Public Transport

Project Highlights 

  • Developing flywheel technology for use in buses
  • The Gyrodrive technology applies motorsport innovation to mainstream automotive
  • System saves braking energy of vehicle and utilises it to accelerate the vehicle back up to speed
  • £15.5 million total project value, receiving £7.7 million funding through the APC

Project Consortium 

  • GKN Autostructures Ltd (lead partner)
  • GKN Hybrid Power Ltd
  • Alexander Dennis Ltd
  • iNetic Ltd
  • Coventry University

Making the most of wasted energy

By avoiding wasting the energy every time a bus stops the system aims to deliver fuel savings of around 20 per cent, resulting in significant CO2 savings. APC’s funding towards this project has allowed GKN to refine its technology to increase its market opportunities.

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