Equipmake LTD – CELEB2

Enabling traditional coachbuilders to go electric with ease

Project Highlights

  • Development of cost-effective fully-integrated electric bus architecture
  • Each electric bus has the potential to save 24,000 KG of CO2 per year
  • Cutting-edge chassis can enable any bus coach manufacturer to go electric almost overnight
  • Equipmake’s ultra-compact, lightweight high-performance spoke electric motor, the APM200
  • Total project value £7.4million, with £3.7million funded through the APC

Project Consortium

  • Equipmake LTD
  • Potenza Technology
  • Environmental Process Systems

UK SMEs helping to clean public transport

Through a novel integration of the heating, cooling and ventilation of the bus, there is a reduction in energy demand and therefore battery capacity required by 30%. This means the project, involving three UK-based SME’s, will be able to reduce the cost and size of batteries required for E-buses. In addition, through the development of key sub-systems providing vertical integration is allowing opportunities for the retrofit of diesel hybrid buses of current bus operators and their stock. By reducing the barrier of cost, this will assist coachbuilders to develop vehicles that can help improve local air quality and reduce CO2 emissions in areas across the globe, which could be specifically beneficial in cities with high public-transport demands.

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