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Since 2013, we have supported many organisations to deliver projects that drive the UK automotive industry and economy forward on the road to net zero. Read some of our success stories and learn about the impact of technologies that have been developed through our support.

ALIVE and demonstrating: Constellium enclosures


Standing for Aluminium Intensive Vehicle Enclosures, ALIVE aimed to take a major step with disruptive high-strength aluminium alloys and processing and joining technologies.

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Ariel Hipercar: Ultra-high performance electric sports car

Find out how a consortium of UK SMEs brought Ariel’s HIPERCAR - an ultra high-performance electric vehicle - to life through one of our collaborative R&D competitions.

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RACEForm: Impression Technologies upscaling the HFQ forming process

Find out how this consortium used the Hot Form Quench (HFQ) process to optimise the performance of aluminium alloys and reduce the associated costs during the RACEForm project.

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ACE–DC casting & Nissan UK: Accelerating foundry R&D

The ACE-DC (Alliance Casting Europe Development Centre) project was led by Nissan Motor Manufacturing UK (NMUK) to expand its R&D capabilities and enhance its competitiveness among the Renault–Nissan–Mitsubishi Alliance.

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Intelligent Energy: commercialising the fuel cell

Intelligent Energy is commercialising its hydrogen technology by working with a consortium of UK-based companies including Changan UK R&D Centre Ltd, Alexander Dennis Limited And Lyra Electronics, on one of our funded projects to develop a cost-effective and efficient supply chain.

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A collaboration between industry and academia to optimise off-highway engine efficiency

Battery researchers have traditionally had to rely on computer models if they wanted to observe the flow of current within a cell. These vary in accuracy, and any errors in the simulation can be carried through to the cell design, affecting its real-world performance. So, what if you could see inside the cell and directly visualise the flow of current?

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Going the extra mile: How APC funding helped a consortium led by Penso to develop a new range of lightweight bodies for commercial vehicles

The fleet market is one of the most promising applications for lightweight composite materials.

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Hofer – Bowscale

hofer powertrain, Germany, is one of the world’s leaders in the development of powertrain technologies and manufactures class-leading hybrid transmissions. Its UK subsidiary is collaborating with WMG, McLaren Automotive and Yasa Motors through an Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) project that will provide the UK with capability for the design and manufacture of advanced hybrid transmissions, complementing the next generation of low carbon vehicles.

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