APC UK at the Battery Show Europe 2024

Working with our partners to generate innovative technology for a zero-emission future.

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Julian Hetherington

Automotive Transformation Director

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Catherine Prothero

Events Manager

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Dr Hadi Moztarzadeh

Head of Technology Trends

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Chris Harris

Business Development Lead

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How we’re supporting EV net-zero ambitions in the UK

  • Cradle to cradle, battery raw material recovery and processing

  • Battery and Energy Management Innovation

  • Battery end-of-life recycling and second use

  • Other Funding success stories

    Find out about the other automotive projects we’ve supported and their successes.

Our industry insights

  • Q1 Demand Report 2024 (released 18 June 2024)

    Our Q1 2024 Quarterly Automotive Demand Forecast report reveals Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) production in the UK is expected to top one million between 2030 and 2035, creating a demand for over 100 GWh of automotive batteries.

  • Business Critical: Understanding the material life cycle

    This report provides insights into how the automotive sector needs to transition its product lifecycle thinking if the industry is going to deliver on its net-zero targets.

  • Battery and fuel cell future cost comparison

    This report takes an in-depth look into the use of the future of batteries and fuel cells for large premium SUVs and vans, with the aim of establishing which technology is more likely to prevail based on installed cost and mileage potential by 2030.

  • Battery Insight Report – 2025 and Beyond: Promising battery cell innovations for the UK automotive sector

    Our latest report – 2025 and beyond: Promising battery cell innovations for the UK automotive sector – provides a qualitative assessment of the UK’s existing capability in automotive battery developments that have the highest potential of being commercialised globally in the next 3+ years.

  • UK’s biggest opportunity from battery waste is to feed its cathode manufacturing industry

    Recovering battery materials is critical to making new batteries and can be produced at a lower carbon footprint than mined materials.

  • E-motors value chain

    This report highlights UK opportunities to leverage existing e-motors expertise and capitalise on market growth in both domestic and export demand.

  • Automotive Battery Value Chains

    This battery value chains report takes a deeper look into what the future may hold for battery chemistries in the UK EV industry.

  • Automotive Battery End of Life Value Chain

    This value chain report takes an in-depth look at the UK’s preparedness for the growing demand for managing critical materials supply.

  • Automotive power electronics value chain

    Developed alongside experts and stakeholders from industry, academia and funding and support bodies, this first-of-its-kind power electronics value chain shows an end-to-end supply chain view.

  • Roadmaps

    Our Roadmaps provide an insight into the technology trends and forecasts for automotive propulsion systems to 2040. They are an essential tool in identifying the path to a net-zero future, highlighting key milestones that present opportunities and also challenges that must be overcome. Our Roadmaps are currently being updated ready for launch in September 2024.