Power Electronics

Driving efficiency in electrical systems

Power electronics is the work-horse that underpins most of our electrical and electronic systems, delivering control systems meeting efficiency and accuracy requirements. Power electronic systems can fine-tune technology and enable it to perform at the top of its ability. They can manage the temperature of an internal combustion engine, the power distribution of a battery pack, power regeneration capture in braking and even the AI-driven decision making in autonomous vehicles.

There is a tremendous opportunity available in the UK to be a world leader in power electronics, the APC Power Electronic Spoke is led by the University of Nottingham who co-ordinate experts from both industry and academia from a vast variety of sectors, enabling collaboration across them to find innovative solutions that can solve important technology challenges. This comes as a need to provide efficient and accessible charging solutions with improvements in AC and DC charging, as well as focusing on scale-up for wide-band gap components through advanced manufacturing techniques.

By bringing together experts from different sectors, the Power Electronics Spoke is a melting pot of ideas brimming with innovation. Nottingham University also has a Centre for Doctoral Training for Sustainable Electric Propulsion which can support the development of skills within academia and industry to deliver the net-zero theme.

The Power Electronics Spoke is also part of the Driving the Electric Revolution Industrialisation Centre which aims to make the UK a globally recognised centre of excellence for power electronics, machines and drives.

Mark Johnson

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Mark Johnson

Power Electronics Roadmap

A rapidly evolving and dynamic sector for automotive propulsion technologies with inverters, DC-DC converters and on-board charger applications driving cost and performance improvements.

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