Electric Machines

Powering future vehicles

Efficient, powerful and sustainably developed electric machines are key to moving the vehicles of the future.

The electrification of road transport is facilitating an unprecedented level of innovation in electric machines. Novel architectures, better materials and advanced manufacturing processes are all being explored to solve the difficult challenges that this creates. There is a need for cost effective materials and manufacturing techniques for high-performance applications, alongside obtaining rare earth free magnet electric machines. This drives innovation as well as creating a circular economy to mitigate against supply chain risks.

Hosted by Newcastle University, the Spoke is the central point for e-machine developments in the UK. By working with OEMs, SMEs, academics, and other sectors, it can understand the challenges faced and the opportunities for innovation to overcome them. Newcastle University also has a Centre for Doctoral Training for Sustainable Electric Propulsion which can support the development of skills within academia and industry to deliver the net-zero theme.



The Spoke is not only to create innovative designs for e-machines but helping organisations to develop the manufacturing technologies used to produce them. Collaborative teams formed by being part of the network has led to projects to develop pilot lines and manufacturing facilities created which enable high-volume production of cutting-edge e-machine technology.

The Electric Machines Spoke is also part of the Driving the Electric Revolution Industrialisation Centre which aims to make the UK a globally recognised centre of excellence for power electronics, machines, and drives, as well as being one of the High Value Manufacturing Catapult centres.

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Barrie Mecrow

Electric Machines Roadmap

This roadmap provides key trends, themes and technologies on electric machine architectures, integration, thermal management, materials and manufacturing driving innovation in the future.

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