Tailpipe dreams – what is a sustainable vehicle?

Is sustainability achieveable in the Automotive sector?

Join the Advanced Propulsion Centre and Innovate UK as we debate how realistic it is that the automotive sector could eventually be entirely sustainable. We will also question how we measure sustainability, should the focus be on social, evironmental or economical sustainability?

In March 2017, 250 members of the automotive industry joined the ‘Can we put the Z in EVs?’ debate at the Royal Institute. This event investigated the whole life environmental impacts of electric vehicles, with views from experts on recycling, infrastructure and natural resources, as well as automotive OEMs. A year on, we will be examining how the debate has moved on, advances in technology and how to regulate new ultra-low emission vehicles.

Held in the Ondaatje theatre at the Royal Geographical Society, FoT will bring together key industry figures from from the major OEMs in automotive, automotive supply chain and world leading academics to enable discussions on how we will achieve sustainable supply chains in the future.

Have your say on if a sustainable automotive is just a ‘tailpipe’ dream or if it is in the pipe line.

This event will feature leading academics and industry experts on the following topics:

  • How has the debate moved on from ‘Can we put the Z in EVs?’
  • A guide to lifecycle analysis and future regulations
  • Sustainable materials and manufacturing methods
  • How can we optimise energy use when the vehicle is in use?
  • How are other sectors measuring and managing sustainability?

Register now to join the debate on the 29th March 2018 at the Royal Geographical Society for ‘Tailpipe dreams – what is a sustainable vehicle?’

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