Product Roadmaps

The New 2020 Product Roadmaps

The newly launched 2020 roadmaps deliver a fresh perspective on a fundamentally changing automotive sector.

Vehicle classification, future energy sources and transport drivers are delivered on a three-page structure. Zero emissions and net-zero emissions principles guide the roadmap to 2050.

These roadmaps represents a snapshot-in-time view of the global automotive industry propulsion technology forecast for mass market adoption. Specific application-tailored technologies will vary from region to region.

Light Duty Vehicle <3.5t

Previously titled passenger cars, we have included light commercial vehicles into a new-look LDV roadmap. With significant platform sharing and common regulation drivers, the roadmap charts the progress of urban, long range and high-performance vehicles through to 2050.

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Heavy Goods >3.5t & Off-Highway Vehicle

This provides a new focus to the roadmaps in 2020. Heavy goods vehicles cover a rich array of power & energy, tailpipe emissions and infrastructure demand. A specific focus on off-highway vehicles shows the unique considerations for remote and specialised-operation vehicles

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Bus and Coach

The transport of passengers in urban and long-range environments results in important considerations for powertrain selection to match scheduling, operation characteristics and commercial viability.

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