Spoke Community

Bringing together industry and academia to share best practice, expertise and facilities in the UK

What is the Spoke Community?

Our Spoke Community has created a national network that brings together specialist academic, technological and commercial expertise to share best practice for the development of low emission propulsion technologies.

Each Spoke is hosted by a leading UK university, globally-recognised in its field with several named in the top 100 universities in the world.


What do they do?

Our communities currently include over 600 organisations, over 60 key academic institutions and a range of OEMs, SMEs and supply chain companies – and continues to grow week-by-week.

The core activities of the Spokes are to encourage and nurture cross-sector collaboration to build UK low carbon vehicle research and development programmes which support supply chains at all levels from materials to system integration.

Join the Transport Energy Network

The Transport Energy Network (TEN) is a collaborative network designed to develop a consensus view of pathways to net-zero emissions for challenging applications with high journey energy requirements like heavy-duty trucks and off-highway machines.


Our Spoke Community in Numbers

£11m Investment

Coordinated nearly £11m of government and industry investment

£ 11

600 Organisations and 1000 Individuals

Through our Spokes we have engaged with over 600 organisations and over 1000 individuals


25 Projects Delivered

Delivered 25 fundamental short-term research projects


Exhibited 40 UK academic research projects

At the Low Carbon Vehicle Show

UK Academic Research Projects Exhibited

Supported 140 school children

to inspire the next generation of engineers through the Greenpower competition

School children
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