Planning the Automotive Future

Mapping out the future of the automotive industry and identifying the technologies that will take us there

We are working closely with industry and academia to identify technology-led opportunities to strengthen the UK’s research-to-manufacture supply chain capabilities.

UK Capability Study

Helping to strategically grow the UK's automotive capability, the Capability Study identifies opportunities to develop low emission technologies for the next generation of vehicles.
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The Roadmap Report - Towards 2040: A Guide to Automotive Propulsion Technologies

The Roadmap Report offers a guide to future innovation. It explores the Automotive Council roadmaps in more detail, providing an outline of innovation opportunities and identifying key trends and challenges.
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We have been working with the Automotive Council to map out the key strategic technologies that will be vital in the development of the next generation of vehicles.

Spoke Community

Our Spoke Community brings together academia and industry to share best practice, expertise and facilities in the UK. It consists of 600 industrial and academic organisations, coordinated through six of the UK's leading universities.
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To find out more about roadmaps and the capability study, contact Dave OudeNijeweme
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