Opportunities in passenger car electrification

Showcasing the building blocks of the UK's electrified supply chain

The UK has the building blocks of a thriving supply chain to support the electrification of passenger cars, making it the perfect place for investments across these new value chains to meet domestic, European and in some cases global demand.

To identify opportunities for UK suppliers from the electrification of passenger cars over the next five years, focusing on batteries, electric machines and power electronics supply chain, the APC and AVL have produced the ‘Strategic UK opportunities in passenger car electrification’ report.

£24bn opportunities for UK supply chain

In this report we’ve identified 12 key opportunities that the UK is particularly well placed to address. If the UK organisations seize these opportunities, the UK could secure a forecasted £24 billion by 2025. Broken down by technology types, you can find out about the strategically-identified areas where the competitive strength of the UK’s supply chain makes it the perfect place to develop low-carbon technology
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