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Building the UK's Electrified Supply Chain

Connecting the Electrified Supply Chain Community

With emerging technologies being developed for the next generation of vehicles, we are seeing a new wave of companies entering the automotive industry. It is essential that a platform is created to enable collaboration between these new players and established automotive OEMs.


We believe the answer lies within embracing technology.


In almost all other walks of our lives – both professionally and personally – social networking has made it easier to connect people. So, why could it not help better connect our industry as well?

Recognising the UK’s full potential and capability

The Electrified Supply Chain Portal, is free for all to use and is the first of its type solely dedicated to the low carbon vehicle industry – specifically building the UK’s electrified supply chain.


By allowing organisations to showcase their technologies to potential buyers, identify opportunities and gaps in the UK supply chain it aims to enable both commercial relationships and, importantly, projects that drive investment in the UK and promote it as a centre of excellence for low carbon propulsion development and production.

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The Electrified Supply Chain Portal is currently undergoing a redesign and structure following feedback from the beta testing phase. This will be re-opening for new users at the end of the first quarter of 2018. To find out first when the Portal is open for new registrations, sign up to our dedicated Electrified Supply Chain Portal mailing list.
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