How do you build a battery for electric vehicles?

There is a lot of discussion in the automotive industry about electrification and battery-powered vehicles. There is talk of challenges in scaling up production, developments in chemistries and future targets, but have you ever found yourself asking what does all of this actually mean?

Today, the Electrical Energy Storage Spoke, hosted by WMG, University of Warwick, launched the “Automotive Batteries 101” document that is an easy to digest guide on everything you need to know about automotive batteries. In the document you can learn about the structures of a battery pack, the chemistry solutions that could make a difference, the challenges they face and much more.

The work, collated by the Electrical Energy Storage Spoke lead Prof. David Greenwood, aims to give an introduction to the world of battery manufacturing in a format that is accessible to all.

To make sure you’re clued up on all there is to know about electric vehicle batteries, download the report here.

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