Keeping the roads of the future clean

Project Highlights
  • PODSweep, the UK 19s first autonomous electric road sweeper
  • Created to reduce the harmful environmental impact created by road sweeping while improving safety and productivity through the autonomous control system
  • To be trialled at a number of locations across the country including Birmingham Airport, Heathrow Airport and the Trafford Centre in Manchester.
  • Aims to make a saving of 26 tonnes of carbon per annum and a reduction in driving energy of 10-15%
  • The opportunity is being explored for the same technology to be converted for internal use in warehouses
  • Project Consortium
  • Westfield Autonomous Vehicles
  • Johnston Sweepers
  • Fusion Processing
  • The autonomous future is coming

    Road sweeping is a job that in some situations is critical for safety, such as airports. The UK’s first autonomous road sweeper is to go on trial at a number of key locations across the country. This development is key in boosting productivity and safety levels within the industry while improving cost and time savings and environmental impact.

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