Norton Motorcycles UK LTD – Superlight Twin

Lightweight motorcycle innovation

Project Highlights
  • Developing a lightweight, high-performance motorcycle
  • Technology downsizes engine by utilising lightweight structures, reducing weight
  • This was the APC 19s  first two-wheeled project
  • Allowed Norton to significantly grow its workforce
  • £6.9 million total project value, receiving £2.7 million funding through the APC
  • Consortium Partners
  • Norton Motorcycles UK Ltd (lead partner)
  • Penso Consulting Limited
  • APC turns to two wheels

    The project will result in CO2 savings of 15 percent. It will enable Norton to grow it’s workforce by creating 54 jobs, while securing a further 25 existing roles. This is the APC’s first two-wheeled vehicle project and will assist a historical British company in moving into the low carbon arena.

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