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Project Highlights


  • Project will accelerate the development of hydrogen-fuelled internal combustion engines (H2-ICE) 
  • Technology will be designed for medium and heavy-duty engines for truck and construction equipment. 
  • Engines will reduce vehicle and machine redevelopment timelines, with the retention of existing driveline components. 
  • A key deliverable will be to demonstrate a zero CO₂ commercial vehicle solution using an internal combustion engine. 
  • Successful completion will lead to a significant uplift in the UK-sourced ICE supply chain, ensuring that the UK is at the forefront of this key emerging technology. 
  • Project will lead to further technology solutions for decarbonisation by complementing the introduction of hydrogen fuel cell and battery electric powertrains.   
  • With proof-of-concept established, this will enable further innovations in fuel injection, combustion, thermal management and advanced materials. 
  • Project is led by Cummins, based in Darlington. 
  • Total estimated value of the H2-ICE technical readiness project is £14.6 million, with £7.2 million funded through APC18 and additional investment will be made by Cummins and industry partners. 

Developing zero-emission hydrogen internal combustion engines

Cummins will lead a consortium of  ICE sub-system suppliers, to increase UK self-reliance in the emerging hydrogen economy.  

 The project investment will create new jobs and upskill many hundreds of current roles. Successful execution will offer a significant opportunity for the UK to create a high-value H2-ICE manufacturing sector and export business.   This Darlington-based project further enhances regional focus on the Tees Valley Hydrogen Transport Hub (HTH), set to be first in the UK.  

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