Low carbon agriculture

Project Highlights

  • Developing low carbon tractor technology
  • Utilising bio-methane fuel to reduce CO2 emissions in agriculture
  • Aims to revolutionise the farming industry
  • £18.5 million total project value, receiving £9.1 million funding through the APC

Project Consortium

  • CNH Industrial NV (lead partner)
  • Eminox Ltd
  • Zircotec Ltd

Circular economy on farm land

Through the project CNH will develop engine adaptations, fuelling system and composite gas storage tanks to enable tractors to run on compressed natural gas. This technology is designed to utilise bio-methane production on farms, harnessing the bio-digestion of farm waste. This project addresses a key supply chain gap for high performance gas storage. This APC project has supported Basildon in being at the forefront of developments for an advanced gas powered, low carbon tractor.

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