Ashwood Automotive LTD – DIET

Multipurpose magnetic motors

Project Highlights

  • Developing a novel drive system technology
  • Integrating permanent magnet electric motors directly into drive units for off-highway applications
  • Technology can be used in a range of applications including forklift trucks, aerial lift platforms and golf cars
  • £3.4 million total project value, receiving £1.7 million funding through the APC

Project Consortium

  • Ashwoods Automotive Ltd (lead partner)
  • Curtis Instruments UK
  • Aspire Engineering
  • Caterpillar UK Ltd
  • Vocis Ltd
  • University of Bath

Taking Ashwood’s to the next level

This project has increased Ashwood’s manufacturing capability, by allowing it to increase its number of employees. It will also lead to a 10 percent to 25 percent improvement in performance across its applications, resulting in significant CO2 reduction.

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