Immersive technology: tool or toy?


Should we be taking immersive technology seriously?

Day 4 of 'Digitalisation: The Transformation of Engineering' week

The Future of Technology Series is virtually back! In partnership with the Institute of Digital Engineering, we’re taking the Future of Technology Series online to host a week of short webinars. We’ll be covering the use of digital engineering in the automotive industry as part of our #FoTDigitalisationWeek, ‘Digitalisation: The Transformation of Engineering’.

In this session – Immersive technology: tool or toy? We will be asking experts from the automotive and gaming industry to discuss examples of how immersive technology is proving a game-changer for technology and vehicle development.

Does gaming technology really have the power to help the automotive industry or is it just a marketing gimmick? Do immersive technologies, such as virtual & augmented reality, really have a place in the world of engineering? Or do they belong in the realm of entertainment?


10:30am – 10:55am – Keynote

  • Ross Krambergar – Geometric simulations for virtual commisioning – BMW

10:55am – 12pm – Immersive technology: tool or toy?

  • Doug Wolff – Business Development Manager, Manufacturing – Unreal Engine Enterprise at Epic Games
  • Henning Linn – Senior Business Development EMEA – Unity Technologies
  • Jarrad Vladich – Executive Producer Emerging Technology – The Mill

Digitalisation: The Transformation of Engineering Week

This event is just one of a week long series, covering the topic of digitalisation in the automotive industry.

We will be inviting experts across a range of sectors to share their knowledge on the hot-topics in the digital engineering agenda.

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