2020: challenging convenience culture


Day 1 of #DeliveringFoT

Day 1 of 'Pass the parcel: developing sustainable solutions'

The Future of Technology Series is virtually back! In partnership with Zenzic, we’re taking the Future of Technology Series online to host three days of short webinars.

We’ll be covering the opportunities and challenges for the automotive industry as our consumer behaviour changes, moving to a future of online shopping. We’ll explore how the industry needs to adapt to meet the increase in courier demands, focusing on current day, 2030 and 2050. Join us to find out what the future will deliver.

Join us for this session – 2020: challenging convenience culture. With an everchanging high-street, global-pandemics and an increase in online shopping, our Christmas consumer habits looks more different than ever. Will people return to shopping in stores or are our current behaviours here to stay? In our first Future of Technology webinar, we will be looking at the current technology in the sustainable parcel delivery sector as well as the economic and social impact of changing norms. Do we currently have the technology in place to adapt to an increase in low-carbon light-duty commercial vehicle demands?  

Pass the parcel: developing sustainable solutions

This event is one of three, covering the topic of parcel deliveries now and in the future.

We’ll be joined by experts to cover a variety of hot topics within the parcel delivery industry agenda during #deliveringFoT.

You can also attend the other events in the series:

Wednesday 16th December – 2030: last mile for ICE deliveries?

Thursday 17th December – 2050: net-zero parcel delivery solutions

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