Digital Engineering and Test

Re-imagining design and manufacturing

Digital engineering focuses on how we explore the art of the possible. Creating, capturing and integrating data and information to design, build and test products, systems and processes in real-time virtual environment.

From drawings to simulations, advanced 3D modelling technologies enable us to capture data and design in a digitised environment which can lead to saving valuable time, cost and resources. Digital engineering enables designers and engineers to explore and develop innovative solutions inside the virtual environment.

Hosted by the University of Loughborough in collaboration with the Institute of Digital Engineering (IDE-UK), the Digital Engineering and Test Spoke has an expansive community of skilled data, digital and creative engineers from multiple sectors. This enables the network to make the most of new progressive technology, often used within the gaming industry, to benefit other sectors, driving disruption within industrial and manufacturing processes, and increasing exposure to the digital world to some legacy businesses.

Bradley Yorke-Biggs

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Interested in finding out more about the Digital Engineering and Test network? Contact Bradley. 

Bradley Yorke-Biggs

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