APC Greenpower Teams Take to the Track

Four schools sponsored by the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) and its Spoke Community took to the track to race their electric kit cars last week. Broad Heath Primary School, Howes Primary School, Roundhill Primary School and Aston on Trent Primary School went head to head with a number of primary schools from across the UK to compete in the Greenpower Goblin Races. The students from seven schools designed and built their own electric kit cars with the guidance and funding of the APC and its Spokes.

The four schools took part of a Greenpower Goblin race at Seighford Race Track, competing in a number of races, such as drag races, circuits and slaloms. The day ended with success as Broadheath Primary School progressed into the Greenpower Goblin regional semi-finals. Aston on Trent also were winners on the day, winning an award for their portfolio documenting their build journey. The other primary schools will be racing at Rockingham Race Course on the 7th July.

The Greenpower Education Trust looks to address the skills gap that is growing in the UK automotive industry by engaging students in engineering at a young age. Keep up to date with the progress of the Greenpower programme at the Advanced Propulsion Centre website.