APC16 Funding Competition Winners


The winning projects from the APC16 Funding Competition received a share of £59 million investment, combining public grants and industry contributions. Below, you can find out more about each of these projects.

BSA Company – The Electric BSA Project

A retro-styled motorbike designed and developed by BSA will be the first of its kind to be powered by a battery-powered electric motor – combining the old charm of retro styling with the latest innovations in green futuristic technology. The new range of eBSA motorcycles from BSA Company Limited aims to put British motorcycling back on the global automotive map.

Jaguar Land Rover – Advanced Storage Technology Into Reality 

The ASTIR (Advanced Storage Technology Into Reality) consortium will develop a new battery concept that will enhance the attributes of future Jaguar Land Rover electrified vehicles from 2024. The battery system will be optimised for future platform architectures and will be critical to both Jaguar Land Rover and the associated UK supply chain.

European Metal Recycling – Recycling of EV cells from obsolete vehicles at scale

This project will see the introduction of a new UK-based circular supply chain for electric vehicle batteries by developing the infrastructure to collect and recycle electric vehicles. The UK currently lacks the foundations to recycle the batteries and recover their materials meaning manufacturers are paying to ship the battery packs abroad for treatment, which is not only unsustainable, but exports valuable metals that are vital to the future of transportation.

Saietta Group – Saietta Axial Flux Motor Productionisation

Saietta has engineered a breakthrough in electric propulsion motors for all vehicles from scooters to buses. Saietta’s unique Axial Flux Traction (AFT) technology delivers class-leading performance at price points required for mass market adoption. The APC16 grant will fast-track the first stage of production process planning, which will create capability to manufacture up to 150,000 units per annum and trigger the hiring of 250 highly skilled engineers in the first round of recruitment. 

AMTE Power – Ultra-powerful cells for Low-emission Transport

The ULTRA project targets next-generation battery improvement at the cell level with the development, scale-up and commercialisation of AMTE Power’s innovative power-dense Ultra-High Power (UHP) and energy-dense Ultra Energy (UE) cells to pre-production variants, using precision metals expertise, and the cells’ integration into high-performance PHEV/BEV, and efficiency focused commercial BEV platforms, with the charger technology required to ensure they can all be fast-charged.

ARRIVAL – Project Next Generation Drive Unit

The Next Generation Drive Unit project is developing and demonstrating an ambitious new manufacturing model, leveraging Industry 4.0 technologies for the vertical integration of modular robotic manufacturing, to reduce capital investment while providing flexibility and effectiveness. The project will deliver the blueprint for the robo-manufacturing concept for Arrival’s Electric Drive Unit, in modular integration with the vans assembly micro-factory, and will demonstrate the viability of both concept and business case with a full scale operational unit.