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TDAP Projects

The Technology Developer Accelerator Programme (TDAP) pilot was created by the APC to support companies (technology developers) with low carbon propulsion technology that can be applied to the automotive sector.

The pilot programme targeted technology developers who have a low carbon technology or innovation that they wish to identify routes to market, accelerating technology development cycles and prepare them to be commercially viable in a shortened time scale for the low carbon automotive sector.

To see the technology that was developed, see the case study videos below.


AIE are developing a self pressuring air rotor cooling systems (SPARCS) and compound rotary engine for electric vehicles (CREEV). The benefits of this are increased efficiency and lower emissions, improved performance, and many more. To find out more about the project, watch the case study video below.

Bladon Jets

Bladon Jets are developing an air bearing capable of 140,000 rpm by using films of air to separate rotating services. This will reduce friction and turbo lag. To find out more about the project, watch the case study below.


The Dearman Engine is an innovative engine powered by liquid air or nitrogen, cold air exhaust and uses heat exchange fluid to maximise efficiency and power. This will give a significant reduction in emissions and improved air quality. To see for yourself, watch the video below.



Oaktec are developing the Pulse-R gas (LPG/CNG/Bio-gas) engine with a minimum of 30% increase in torque than a conventional diesel engine. This gives a high efficiency, low emissions engine that is cheap to manufacture. To see the engine in action, watch the video below.


Sunamp are developing a heat battery that will be able to give immediate cabin heating from cold, and provide rapid warm up of an engine. The technology originally was designed for domestic use but is being developed for automotive applications. This heat battery will solve range reduction caused by heating an electric vehicle. To find out more, watch the video below.


Transfiniti are developing a technology that is an infinitely variable transmission with forward and reverse 0 to 100% motor speed. This will support engine down speeding causing a reduction of emissions and is also low cost to manufacture. To see the technology for your self, watch the video below.