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Autocar Supplement at LCV2015 – Low Carbon Vehicles

Autocar Supplement 150809In September 2015, the UK’s innovation agencies joined together with Millbrook to develop a unique magazine published by Autocar magazine on the first day of the LCV2015 event.

‘Low Carbon Vehicles – The UK’s innovation success story’ is a collection of short articles reporting how Britain and Northern Ireland have become world leaders in low carbon vehicle research, devlopment and production.

The 36-page publication was authored by Autocar’s ward winning team of Steve Cropley, Hilton Holloway, Andrew Frankel, Matt Burt and Mark Tisshaw who were given unprecedented access to the people and programmes which have helped position the UK as a global centre of excellence for low carbon propulsion development and production.

The Advanced Propulsion Centre, Automotive Investment Organisation, GoUltraLow, Innovate UK, Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership, Millbrook, Office for Low Emission Vehicles and Transport Systems Catapult work together through the Automotive Council to support UK companies as they turn ideas into products designed and manufactured in the UK.

From lightweight materials in Hampshire to electric buses in Northern Ireland, heat batteries in Scotland to engine production in Sussex the UK is far more diverse as a propulsion nation than most people would imagine. The significant advances in low carbon technology by vehicle manufacturers such as Jaguar Land Rover, Nissan and Ford which are highlighted in the report are supported by innovation from universities, SMEs and suppliers across the UK.

Please find below the articles from the supplement which are now available to download.

Autocar Supplement 9 September 2015 : Low Carbon Vehicles - the UK's innovation success story

1. Why the LCV Event Matters - Autocar Supplement 9 Sep 2015 What does the Low Carbon Vehicle event mean for your future? Mark Tisshaw reveals all, and looks at some of the sector's latest developments Download the file Find out more 2. Plug and Play Delta Motorsport E-4 at Millbrook Autocar Supplement 9 Sep 2015 Hilton Holloway explains how home-grown prototypes such as the DeltaE-4 act as a stepping stone to bring radical tech to the mainstream Download the file Find out more 3. The Big Picture Neville Jackson Ricardo Autocar Supplement 9 Sep 2015 Engineering will find disruptive solutions we can't predict - says Neville Jackson, the man at Ricardo who's striving to cut car emissions. Steve Cropley speaks to him Download the file Find out more 4. Tech That Sticks Autocar Supplement 9 Sep 2015 Matt Burt reveals the five key technologies the UK car industry is investing in Download the file Find out more 5. The Advanced Propulsion Centre Autocar Supplement 9 sep 2015 The Propulsion Nation - just how do you get an idea from the drawing board to the production line? Hilton Holloway explains how the Advanced Propulsion Centre does it Download the file Find out more 6. Ariel's Ultra Lightweight Chassis Autocar Supplement 9 Sep 2015 Light Fantastic - An ultra-light titanium chassis is the holy grail for sports car manufacturers, but it;s a real challenge to make. Andrew Frankel finds out how Ariel did it Download the file Find out more 7 Jaguar Land Rover Young Guns Autocar Supplement 9 Sep 2015 School of Thought - A healthy car industry needs a healthy supply of engineers. Fortunately, JLR is on the case. By Hilton Holloway Download the file Find out more 8. Leaf Growth How Nissan's Gamble Paid Off Autocar Supplement 9 Sep 2015 Leaf Springs - Nissan spotted the potential of EVs before most manufacturers, and its foresight in bringing the Leaf to market is paying dividends, as Mark Tisshaw discovers Download the file Find out more 9. TISICS Lightweight Tubes Autocar Supplement 9 Sep 2015 This metal tube is anything but ordinary; it can bear the weight of two Tange Rovers.. so why isn't it in production? Its makers explain to Steve Cropley Download the file Find out more 10. Autonomous Vehicles and LowCVP Autocar Supplement 9 Sep 2015 Here come the Pods - the UK is playing a big role in the development of autonomous vehicles. Matt Burt heads to Milton Keynes to find out more. Download the file Find out more 11. Morgan EV3 Autocar Supplement 9 Sep 2015 MOG-E - Morgan is poised to put an electric car into production. Mark Tisshaw reveals all. Download the file Find out more