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Scope of Projects

The APC was created by the Automotive Council to support projects through the challenging phase of turning a technology into a product. The scope of projects which are eligible for support is defined by the type of technology, the proximity to production and the benefits that will be achieved by them.

The type of propulsion technology must relate to:


  • Thermal propulsion systems.
  • Lightweight vehicle and powertrain structures.
  • Electric machines and power electronics.
  • Energy storage and energy management.

The project must deliver significant reductions in CO2 emissions compared to current best-in-class technologies, and have a clear demonstrable route to production. It must involve at least one vehicle manufacturer, appropriate representation of the supply chain and at least one SME. Projects are encouraged to consider having more than one end-user as this is likely to make the business case stronger.

The diagram below shows the evolutionary scale from a research idea in the laboratory on the left hand side, through the stages of development until it becomes a consumer product on the right hand side.

Valley of Death Image

Joined up support for UK plc

The role of the APC is clear in providing support for projects in crossing the ‘valley of death’ when technology can struggle to become a product. Other support programmes are available to enable activities not covered by the APC and these can be accessed through the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

The APC contact for questions relating to projects is Jon Beasley who can be contacted via email