Core Competitions

The APC provides funding for 3 core competitions a year. All projects must clearly demonstrate that they:-

  • Deliver significant reductions in vehicle COor other emissions compared to current best-in-class technologies
  • Align with the Automotive Council Technology Group Roadmaps with respect to advanced propulsion solutions
  • Develop the UK’s supply chain in the field of low carbon vehicle propulsion technology

Projects need to demonstrate the development of propulsion technologies based around one or more of the following technology areas:

  • Internal combustion engines
  • Lightweight vehicle and powertrain structures
  • Electric machines and power electronics
  • Energy storage and energy management
  • Alternative propulsion systems

To be eligible for APC competitions, projects must primarily fall under either the industrial research or experimental development category.

  • The amount of funding per project will depend upon the type of participant and the type of research being undertaken, and each project will attract no more than 50% public funding of the total eligible project costs.
  • Eligible project costs should be between £5m and £40m.
  • Projects must be collaborative and have either a vehicle manufacturer and/or a tier 1 supplier in the consortium with a clear route to market.
  • For projects focused on industrial research, the APC will fund up to a maximum of 60% of eligible project costs for SMEs involved in a project and a maximum of 50% of eligible costs for large companies. Research organisations will be able to claim up to 100% of their eligible costs.
  • For projects focused on experimental development, the APC will fund up to a maximum of 35% of eligible project costs for medium enterprises and a maximum of 45% for small enterprises involved in a project, and 25% of eligible costs for large companies. Research organisations are able to claim a maximum 100% of their eligible costs.
  • Projects are expected to last between 18 and 42 months.
  • Collaborations must be business-led and address the specific requirements of the competition as outlined in the scope of the competition brief.
  • Research organisation participation will be capped at 30% of the overall project costs.
  • Only UK-based companies and research organisations are eligible to apply. However, non-UK based companies and research organisations are also eligible to apply provided prior to the project starting they have set up a UK base from where the funded work will be carried out, and there is evidence that they intend to expand their R&D activity in the UK beyond the life of the specific project.

The administration of the competition process and distribution of the funding is managed by Innovate UK which provides an independent assessment of each application.

Should you require any further information or have any questions on this please contact Dan Bunting via: