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Partnership Development

Through the APC’s existing and growing relationships with a wide range of on and off highway vehicle manufacturers, Tier 1 and 2 suppliers and SMEs we will facilitate the development of collaborative partnerships to develop and then, post approval, deliver key propulsion projects. This service is wide ranging and a few examples may be:

  • To facilitate a partnership between an SME requiring additional research and development and in such cases the knowledge and experience of the relevant competency within the APC Spoke network will be harnessed.
  • To engage a Tier 1 production partner with a technology developer or SME to facilitate UK based projects aimed at production of innovative propulsion related technologies.
  • To develop research, training or skills development partnerships from the APC Spoke network capabilities with vehicle manufacturers, Tier 1 suppliers or SME’s.
  • To bring together a wide group of collaborators on a project that is not in development and which is key to delivery of the Automotive Council Road Maps. This may be initiated by the APC another industry body, a vehicle manufacturer, a spoke, the supply base or a technology developer.

The APC would be pleased to work with you to identify key partners to deliver your project. Please contact Garry Wilson who can be emailed at