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Engine Expo 2016



logo-prodriveEngine development capability showcased by Aston Martin Vulcan.

Prodrive applies a motorsport ethos to create innovative products in short timescales that help and inspire its partners in the automotive, aerospace, marine and defence sectors to realise their ambitions. Prodrive develops high performance, high efficiency IC engines; creates highly efficient multi-port DC/DC converters using the latest silicon carbide technology for electric and hybrid vehicles; and has the ability to create working prototypes and to manufacture engines and powertrains in low volumes. As an example of the company’s engine development capability, Prodrive will be showing the Aston Martin Vulcan, which features a V12 engine and drivetrain developed in conjunction with Aston Martin. The engine and drivetrain in this limited edition track car was developed by Prodrive and Aston Martin from the 6.0-litre V12 unit in the Aston Martin DB9. Significant re-engineering was required to increase the power output to more than 800 bhp. Prodrive then hand-built the 24 engines.

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Oliver Wood
Business Development Manager

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