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GKN Hybrid Power


logo-gkn-hybrid-powerGyrodrive composite flywheel hybrid technology reduces fuel consumption and emissions.

GKN Hybrid Power specialises in the design and manufacture of composite flywheel-based energy storage systems and is focused on delivering complete hybrid solutions across multiple vehicle, power and industrial markets. The innovative Gyrodrive hybrid technology, already a four-time podium winner at Le Mans with Audi Motorsport, is now meeting the challenge of reducing the fuel consumption and emissions of the mass transit and other heavy vehicle markets. Its Gyrodrive system uses a high-speed flywheel made of carbon fibre to store the energy generated by a vehicle as it slows down. It then uses the stored energy to power an electric motor which helps the vehicle accelerate back up to speed, generating significant fuel savings at a significantly lower cost than battery hybrid alternatives. The flywheel system can also be used in conjunction with a battery, by handling all transient power requirements, enabling the battery to just be an energy rather than power source, reducing micro cycling and extending battery life and range.

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GKN Hybrid Power
Unit 1 Pentagon South
Abingdon Science Park
Barton Lane
OX14 3PZ

+44 1235 468 200