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Engine Expo 2016

Dearman Engine Company


Using liquid air to deliver zero-emission power and cooling.

Dearman is the clean cold technology company. Dearman’s cutting-edge technology uniquely harnesses liquid air to deliver zero-emission power and cooling. It has developed a portfolio of proprietary technologies which deliver significant reductions in operating cost, fuel usage and emissions, at low capital cost. The first application, an efficient, cost-effective, high performance, zero emission transport refrigeration system is now operating in the UK, with international demonstrations expected to begin later this year.  Dearman is building an international reputation for innovation, rigour, commercial acumen and engineering excellence, all to fulfil its primary objective – to make the world a cleaner, cooler place. The Dearman Engine sits at the heart of the Dearman technology portfolio. It’s driven by expansion of liquid air to produce a ready supply of zero-emission cold and power. The Dearman Engine is central to a cutting-edge transport refrigeration system, with a waste heat hybrid and auxiliary power unit to be unveiled in the future.

Contact details

Dearman Technology Centre
Unit 5 Stafford Cross Business Park

Ben Heatley
Head of Corporate Affairs

0203 617 9170