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Engine Expo 2016

Bladon Jets


Micro-turbine and air bearing technology for use in automotive range-extenders or for static power units.

Bladon Jets is a company set up to develop and volume manufacture micro-turbine technology for power generation. The benefits of Bladon Jets micro-turbine technology are low emissions, low NVH, low maintenance, no oil or water (using air bearings and air cooling) and multi-fuel capability (either liquid or gaseous fuels). Key applications are for use as automotive range-extenders and for static power units.

The company has developed technology spin-out products which include air foil bearings for use in high-speed rotating machinery such as turbochargers and e-boosters and high efficiency heat exchangers. Bladon Jets’ air foil bearings are designed for high speed rotating shaft applications such as micro-turbines and turbochargers operating in a speed range of between 90,000 rpm and 180,000rpm. A self-generated film of air is used as the lubrication medium eliminating the complexity and frictional loss of conventional oil based lubrication systems and greatly extending service life.

Bladon Jets has chosen Engine Expo 2016 as the automotive launch platform for its British-engineered technology.

Contact details

Bladon Jets (UK) Limited
Unit E Quinn Close
Seven Stars Industrial Estate

Abram Kakkozha
Project Engineer

+44 2476 511268